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This section describes the frequently asked questions about the CONCISE Online Shop.
We recommend you to check the following questions and answers before you call.
Please note the information described below is as of April 1st, 2003 and is subject to change without prior notice.

About Product Information

Is a catalog or a brochure available?
Would it be possible to send me any printed matter by mail?
We are sorry. Only Japanese catalog is available, but not for English or other languages.
Your understanding will be appreciated.

Travel Tool Catalog(Japanese)
Stationary Catalog(Japanese)

About Placing an Order

Do you take an order on the phone?
Taking an order over the phone is limited to corporate customers. This is because taking the order over the phone could get general customers into trouble especially when an accident such as mishearing occurs between the customer and our operator.
For this reason, we normally receive a purchase order from general customers by using this CONCISE Online Shop system or through a facsimile message in principle.
What are extra costs we may have to pay in addition to the flat fee on the list?
Please note all the prices listed on this website are before tax (5%, as of April 1st, 2003).
The charges for carriage and commission (i.e., either collect / cash on delivery or money transfer at a bank, depending on the service you choose) will be at a customer's own expense.
When the total purchase amounts to ¥5,000 or more, carriage will be free of charge (applied to domestic carriage only).
After I sent you a purchase order on the CONCISE Online Shop more than three days ago, I still don't receive an e-mail for confirmation (reply e-mail from CONCISE).
What's going on with my order?
A problem may have occurred to the e-mail system for some reason, and there is a possibility that we may not have received your purchase order.
Sorry to bother you but please contact us immediately.
e-mail: We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays.

About Delivery Service

Would it be possible to send my purchase abroad directly from CONCISE?
Yes. Please note that the delivery service to a foreign country is intended for a customer whose payment method accords with our settlement method. Please also note all possible charges such as overseas postage will be at a customer's own expense.
Would you send my purchases to several different destinations at a time?
If that is the case, we suggest that you send us another e-mail that requests us to dispatch your purchases to different destinations because our purchase order form can only accept one destination. Or, you can also send in the purchase order form to us again.
Is it possible for me to specify a delivery date?
Yes. You can also specify a time period of the day. Please note, however, your purchase may not be delivered on time according to circumstances such as the weather, traffic, accident, etc.
What are the rates of carriage?
A List of Charges (before tax)
¥500 for Tokyo metropolitan area
¥600 for Kanto district
¥700 for Tohoku, Chubu, Kinki (Kansai), Hokuriku and Shinetsu districts
¥800 for Chugoku district
¥900 for Shikoku district
¥1,000 for Hokkaido and Kyushu districts excluding Okinawa Pref.
¥1,100 for Okinawa Main Island

*Extra charge will be made for the delivery service to some specific areas and the surrounding islands including Okinawa Pref.
*When the total purchase amounts to ¥5,000 or more, carriage will be free of charge (applied to domestic carriage only).
Do you have specific transport companies for delivery?
When you have applied the money transfer at a bank to a payment method, we choose the most affordable transport company among Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Seino Transportation Co., Ltd. and Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. When we need to send merchandise by C.O.D. (collect / cash on delivery) service, we usually commit transportation to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. as our designated transport company.
Can you explain how to pay for merchandise?
Money transfer
Bank name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (bank code: 0009)
Office: Kameido Office (branch code: 254)
Account number: 61461 (general)
Account name: CONCISE Co., Ltd.

*The commission of money transfer will be at a customer's own expense.
*We make arrangements for dispatching your purchase within net seven days at latest after we verify the completion of money transfer transaction.

C.O.D. (collect / cash on delivery) service by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. is used.
The commission of C.O.D. service is as follows (before tax):
¥300 for the purchase of up to ¥10,000
¥400 for the purchase from ¥10,001 to ¥30,000
¥600 for the purchase from ¥30,001 to ¥100,000

Credit Card
We can also process VISA or MasterCard orders that acknowledge the settlement by Japanese yen. Also, the customer is liable to pay for the purchase in one lump.
A due date follows the credit card agreement between the customer and the concerned credit card company that has issued the customer's credit card. (The commission of credit card use will be free of charge.)
When using a CONCISE Online Shop's order form, choose "Settlement by CONCISE" in the [Payment Method] box, then fill in the following requirements in the [Comment] box.
a) credit card name
b) credit card number
c) credit card holder's name
d) term of validity (in the order of "year / month / day")

A statement of credit card use will be issued at a customer's request only. Please contact us when you wish to receive your statement.
For optimum security of our customer's personal information, we adopt the 'Secure Socket Layer' system for encryption that highly encodes the customer's personal information upon transmission.
Is it possible to cancel an order after purchase?
When you have to cancel your order for some reason, please contact us ASAP by e-mail, telephone or facsimile.
If you cancel the order after your purchase has been delivered, the charges for carriage and commission will not be refundable.
Please note that the returns and exchanges of merchandise are limited to unpacked and unused items, and that the merchandise need to be sent back to us within net seven days after delivery. (A commission of ¥1,000 before tax will be charged for refund.)
What if my purchase is damaged or even dead on arrival?
We make arrangements for replacement immediately. The charge for returning the merchandise will be at a CONCISE's expense.