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Corporate History

March, 1949 Nobuo Kojima (the current Representative Director and Chairman of the Board) contrives a conversion apparatus with a circular slide rule and sets up a business of manufacturing and selling the product.
July, 1954 Along with the growth and expansion of circular slide rule business, Concise Slide Rule Manufacturing Corporation reorganizes into a limited liability company (capital stock: ¥500,000).
February, 1956 Concise Slide Rule Manufacturing Corporation moves to the current location Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo and builds a new factory simultaneously. The company begins to manufacture drawing and measuring tools such as precision rulers and graduators and dressmaking rulers and scales as well.
August, 1958 The capital stock increases from ¥500,000 to ¥1,500,000.
February, 1959 Concise Slide Rule Manufacturing Corporation is reorganized and renamed Concise Co., Ltd. (CONCISE hereafter).
April, 1960 The capital stock increases from ¥1,500,000 to ¥2,250,000.
August, 1960 Another new factory for printing is completed.
May, 1963 The capital stock increases from ¥2,250,000 to ¥4,500,000.
August, 1963 For further modernization of facilities, a three-storied factory made of ferroconcrete is completed.
January, 1964 High frequency process of vinyl starts.
July, 1964 A five-day week system is introduced; the first and third Saturdays and Sundays become holidays.
April, 1966 In order to reinforce export business, Concise International Co., Ltd. is established.
July, 1967 While foreseeing the market growth of overseas tourism, the capital stock increases from ¥4,500,000 to ¥10,000,000 to establish a specialty store Toko Co., Ltd. for traveling goods.
January, 1968 A four-storied headquarters made of ferroconcrete is completed.
In addition, a three-storied factory is also expanded up to four stories.
April, 1970 For the purpose of unifying the decentralized discrepancies concerning the management system, manufacturing technology and new product development among associated companies, Kojima Research Co., Ltd. is established.
October, 1973 The slide rule business has been in its prime since 1970; however, the business suffers serious damage due to a drastic drop in exports which results from the oil crisis and the following price cutting war in the calculator industry.
Consequently, comprehensive reforms of the total CONCISE group become a pressing need.
January, 1976 It is determined that the development and manufacturing of traveling goods for overseas tourism should be stressed as a business policy for the future, and it proceeds very positively.
This leads to several big hits such as 'All-in-one Passport Case', 'Waistband-type Valuables Holder' and 'Suitcase Carrying Belt'.
June, 1977 At a request of Takeda Drawing Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd., CONCISE acquires proper portions of their stocks in cooperation with Toko Co., Ltd., and participates in the management reconstruction of Takeda Drawing Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd.
This collaborative project proves to be successful and stabilizes the achievements of Takeda Drawing Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd. in about two years.
November, 1980 The business concerning drawing and measuring tools gradually turns to designing tool manufacturing and processing service using camera-ready art techniques.
Also, one of the associated companies Toko Co., Ltd. opens a new store at Aoyama, Tokyo.
July, 1982 Toko Co., Ltd. goes on swimmingly with regard to the achievements of both traveling goods and designing tools, and also opens a new store at Ginza, Tokyo to make preparations for expansive store development plan in the future.
In order to respond to this future project, CONCISE succeeds in developing some of the excellent products such as STEN-Edge Scale and Rolling Sleeve Cutter that can represent the company one after another.
In addition, CONCISE enters into the wholesale business of the designing tools and equipment, and establishes its position in the total CONCISE group at this period of its corporate history.
October, 1991 After what is called the 'Bubble Prosperity' collapsed, the demand for the designing tools also begins to decrease at a rapid pace.
CONCISE develops a special commutation pass holder for automatic ticket inspection system as well as other well-designed traveling goods.
July, 1995 Along with the completion of the CONCISE Book Cover Development Project, CONCISE establishes the business relations with bookstore circles in addition to the original transactions.
This lays great emphasis on the development and manufacturing of the products that sell through their outlets, as well as other well-designed traveling goods.
July, 1998 New items such as a leather-made passport cover and a threefold wallet are added to the product line-up.
Thus, CONCISE accomplishes its full product line-up made up of five major categories: traveling goods, stationery, leather articles, drawing and measuring tools and slide rules.
April, 2000 Concise International Co., Ltd. begins to import leather-made products from China.
March, 2001 CONCISE newly introduces the Foot Rest Hanger to prevent aircraft passengers from what is called 'Long Flight Thrombosis (Economy Class syndrome)', and this item wins another best-selling status in the product line-up.
July, 2002 As a new member of the Concise group, Sanyu Kyouzai Co., Ltd. that is responsible for manufacturing the teaching materials and technical tools for dressmaking is established.
June, 2003 The Osaka sales department is established to Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi.